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Website Development
website design and development services Over half a billion people visit commercial web sites each year ..
emarketing Internet marketing strategy, how to start an Internet business ..
Web Hosting
web hosting You need web hosting when you want to have a website ..
Domain Name
domain name It registrations for the most seen .com, .net, .org are unrestricted ..
Portal This a very exciting model that requires mostly knowledge & ..
email hosting Most people have a Yahoo or Hotmail email account. I believe ..
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ICONS is the best place to design
ICONS is the best place to design

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • Our vision come from our slogan "Together we Build", We build our success With our Team, clients, partners, compotators, Resellers and suppliers.
  • Help the organizations to benefits from internet revolution
  • Our Missiom

    Our goal is to innovate and provide advance, quality products and solutions, along with the industries leading customer service and support, all for affordable prices.
    "We are proudly dedicated making it possible to bring to our customers enterprise business solutions for only a small portion of the price." Ahmed A. Motaleb - (Business Development Director)
    We value having this privilege to host every single web site, from business ventures to baby albums--by no means do we take this privilege lightly. We are aware of the responsibility and confidence you have placed in us to host your online presence.
    Therefore, we live and work by a few very simple yet important principals.
    business icons
    The customer is the #1 focus for the entire company. I emphasize this to everyone every time I have the opportunity. We clearly understand that our customers and no one else provide us the opportunity for rapid growth, making us the one of the fastest growing technology company in world wide.
    We are dedicated to our mission and to continuously are being dedicated to providing you the best e Business and internet solutions services possible. Our goal is to provide our customers tomorrow with better, faster and more reliable services than yesterday.
    We also understand that behind every successful company is a team of very successful people. ICONS were fortunate to gather the best team in the industry of talented professionals with the necessary skills and drive to provide our customer with a superior service.
    Our customer approach is very straightforward but after all effective. Our entire staff, from the receptionist to my self, is equally responsible for supporting our customers at all times.
    We have a proprietary tracking system in place, which makes it easy to evaluate and measure our company performance. We also have a quality control team ensuring that everyone in the company lives up to our customer expectation. All of this and the constant effort of making improvements give ICONS a competitive edge in our industry.
    We believe that the people and not technologies are the key to our success. Therefore empowering our staff is the key to their performance and ultimately our customer's satisfaction.
    We provide pleasant working environment and encouraging team effort through education, growth opportunities and rewards for good performance.
    In my eyes the internet solutions industry is very complex. There are many internet solutions providers all presenting the same promises of superior internet solutions and market leadership. But this isn't as simple as it seems. Supporting your customers the right way requires the know-how and infrastructure in every area of the company that ICONS has cultivated since its inception. It also requires flexibility on behalf of the provider to meet customer needs for third-party applications such as databases, scripts and commerce apps, among other things. Unfortunately, customers have frequently walked away disappointed because their internet solutions provider was unable to deliver on their initial promises.
    I am confident that the reason why they cannot deliver where ICONS can is not because they do not want to. A lot of internet solutions companies, which enter our industry lack the adequate management skills and the sufficient funds to invest in research, development and infrastructure. With all of the internet solutions options available today, the burden falls to the internet solutions customer to exercise due diligence in selecting a quality provider from the multitudes that are available.
    Pursuing total quality and delivering on our promises, research and development are the most critical aspects of ICONS mission to be the best internet solutions provider in the industry. To that end, you will notice that one of our strengths is constant improvement across all departments and deployment of new features or processes.
    ICONS have prospered by following the fundamental principles of customer care, attention to detail, value proposition and ongoing innovation. We hope you decide to let the quality that we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating here work for you by choosing ICONS for your internet solutions needs.
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