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E-mails Introduction

Introducing IMAP
If you only use the web interface without the email client, then you can have access to your email wherever you have internet access. But if you use your email client, you might encounter a problem if you want to access your email from multiple computers! Even though you can retrieve the same emails to different computer, but each computer will have their own mailbox. If you delete an email in mailbox A, the same email will still be in mailbox B! If you save a reply draft in mailbox B, you won't have the draft in mailbox A! You will not have this problem if you are using the web interface all the time because it will be the very same mailbox no matter which computer you use. I have mentioned that emails stay in the server until you retrieve them to your email client. If you do not retrieve, they are always in the server.
There are 2 protocols for email that define how email should work on the internet. The one we have been discussing so far is called POP (Post Office Protocol), which utilize the POP server and SMTP server and has the "multiple mailboxes" problem. Later, a new mail protocol is defined and it is called IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). IMAP solved the "multiple mailboxes" problem by keeping the mailbox in the server.
This way, you will still be accessing the same mailbox no matter which computer you are using. You can also enjoy the features of email client on all the computers instead of using the limited web interface.
Although IMAP has been around for some time, it is still uncommon. The reason is accessing speed. Accessing a remote mailbox is significant slower then accessing a mailbox locally. Just like using a web interface, the email client will need to make a lot of connections to the remote server. If you want to learn more about IMAP, you can visit their website.

Email Forwarder (Email Alias)

Instead of creating email accounts, you can also create email forwarders with your hosting account. As the name suggest, any email received by an email forwarder will be forwarded to another email address that your have configured. So a forwarder is not really an email account because it will not store your emails and it cannot be used to send email. It just redirect any email received to another email address. It is an alias to the destination email address.
For example, you might already have a personal email account where you are using all the time. After you register a new domain, you can create a forwarder yournewemail@yournewdomain.com and configure it to forward to your original email account. This way you don't need to check your email from 2 different accounts but still be able to enjoy a new email address!
You can configure an email address to be both an email account and a forwarder. In this case, you can send mail and receive mail with this email address, while at the same time all emails received will also be forwarded to another email address.
To have more fun, you can set an email forwarder to forward to more than 1 email address! For example, if you have a forwarder sales@yourcompany.com, you can set it to forward to you, your sales manager, your sales team, and anyone who wants a copy!

Default Forward Address

What will happen if someone send an email to spiderman@yourdomain.com which you have never created? You can choose to receive it by setting a default forward address. All emails that are sent to any non existing email address under your domain name will be forwarded to this address. It is also called the catch-all address.


An auto-responder automatically replies a preset message to the sender. This is fun and I bet you have seen this happens multiple times. Have you ever sent an email to request customer support for a product or service and immediately received a reply which inform you that they have received your email and will reply to your promptly? That's an auto-responder!
Another example would be if you are away for vacation and will not be able to read your email for 1 week, you can setup an auto-responder that will automatically reply an email to anyone who send you an email while you are away, telling them you will not be able to reply to their emails from when to when. After you come back from your vacation, you can simply remove the auto-responder.
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