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Over half a billion people visit commercial web sites each year ..


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It registrations for the most seen .com, .net, .org are unrestricted ..


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First: Internet Search

Internet users search through three Search Groups:

1) Search Engines:

They are websites specifically designed to include the names of websites in general each in its field, and they are like (index or gates) where they are used by all Internet users to search for certain services or products. By listing your website in search engines, it is easy for your potential customer to reach you, and this is the first and the most important marketing step. If your website was not listed in search engines, no internet searcher can reach you unless you send him your website address on the Internet yourself. Search Engines are divided into International Search Engines and Local search Engines at the level of each country, and the most famous Search Engines on the Internet:

Most famous International Search Engines:

Websites are listed on Search Engines in two ways:

- First Way: (Pay per Click [PPC]) Payment against clicks on the website listed on the Search Engine.
- Second Way: (Technical Submission) The technical registration and is calculated annually by the number of search sentences used to list the website with on the Search Engines.
- Note:
70% of Search Engine searchers are individuals
30% of Search Engine searchers are companies

2) Business Directories:

They are a group of electronic business directories where the companies are listed alphabetically as per each company’s field and they are more like (Yellow Pages), the number of business directories on the Internet is more than 40000 Business Directory and the company’s website should be listed and registered in all the directories.

Registration in Electronic Directories is done manually by our Marketing Team.

The most famous International Directories:

- Note:
85% of Searchers in Business Directories are companies

3) e-market Places:

They are a group of specialized commercial markets, either in various industries or in one industry, they are more like a permanent fair where the registration in these commercial markets is made through one of the following categories:

Company Products
Company information
Selling order
Purchasing order
Request to become an agent
Commercial Cooperation request

Most famous International e-Market Places:


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