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Over half a billion people visit commercial web sites each year ..


Internet marketing strategy, how to start an Internet business ..

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E-marketing Strategy, how to start an Internet business, online marketing, search engine optimization, and providing Internet marketing guru tips have been our focus for several years specially e-marketing in Egypt.

If you want to learn how to start an internet business, we offer you free information on how to start, operate, grow, and manage your own online marketing business and e-marketing strategy.

Starting a plan with ICONS e-marketing agency

You should set your e-marketing company annual budget from 25% up to 40% from your annual budget marketing). we start on the following:

ICONS as an e-marketing agency starts Sending the assessment form to identify the targeted customers and markets accurately.
Determining the key words that will be used to reach your website through the search engines “we send you a table of three columns one to determine all the products key words; second for company key words and the third for the markets keywords”.
We start using some e-marketing software that analyze these key words and start on the composition of the search engine phrases and the weight of these phrases, which depends on an equation “The number of visitors who are looking for these phrases attributed to the number of websites under these phrases that are registered on search engines.
We start on redrafting of the content that will be included in the website where we use the search engine phrases the greatest number of times within the website content so as to maintain the repetition Without prejudice to the sense.
We also rename both the photos and videos that will be included in the website with the search engine phrases to grantee and ensure the emergence of these photos and videos in the search engines while we are searching with these phrases.
We work on the following marketing channels:
Search engines “international and local according to the targeted markets.
Business directories which is more than 100000 directories.
Market places which is more than 450 marketplace.
Bulk e-mails “depending on the website visitors database which is collected through several forms along the website:
Newsletter Registration
Tell a Friend
Order Form
Registrations Forms
Offline Clients Contact
Our plan regarding the bulk e-mails works as follows:
Using the e-mails addresses that have already been collected from the previously mentioned channels.
We start on designing; preparing and sending periodic newsletters; promotions and special offers for your company
products or services.
We send them to all our e-mail addresses which is collected from the website or from your outlets.
Marketing through social networks (search engines groups - Facebook - Twitter - Forums - Blogs) so as to establish the whereabouts of the company on these communities and we train one or two employees in your esteemed company to do to communicate with our e-marketing team dedicated for your project.
Ads (banners on the sites with high traffic) of the targeted customers to your esteemed company in targeted markets.
Marketing using video files.
Marketing using images.
Marketing using articles
Marketing using files (The PDF)
Banners exchange with the companies that sells complementary products or services.

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