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ICONS aim is to produce high-quality internet services. An internet applications project proposed according to the guidelines and specifications will produce quality application solutions that are certain to satisfy the desires of the clients.

We implement the Quality Assurance (QA) for every phase of the applications development process according to methodology used by ICONS.

Our testing and performance tuning procedures are tailored to suit individual client specifications. ICONS Company has appropriate experience and comprehensive tools for performing product testing. We utilize high-quality procedures and techniques to assure product quality at each stage of application development, such as:

  • Test Planning
  • Loading time testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Bottlenecks Analysis
  • We ensure client satisfaction by constant improvement of the quality. We understand that quality assurance is vital for our customers in a competitive business environment.

    Our Quality plan including the following:

    1- Projects Management and Control:

  • Project Definition:
  • This project handles the analysis, design, construction and implementation phases for developing Client's Web site.
  • Project Initialization:
  • Project initialization will be marked with signing a contract and receiving a down-payment as decided by both parties; namely: Clients & ICONS.
  • Project Structure:
  • The project team will be formed of two separate teams with tight coordination between. The first team will be formed of ICONS development members and other business development members. The other team will be formed of Clients designated personnel to undertake administrative tasks running the Web site.

    ICONS Team: will be led by a technical team leader and will be responsible for all technical matters and actual development of the project. Based on the requirements collected through business orientations, sessions and meetings designated for that same purpose.

    Clients team: Should be led by someone in Client who has a seniority position to dedicate Client team members for the project and responsible for providing the acceptance of ICONS’ work. Client team members are preferred to have previous knowledge of operating similar web sites or internet applications through back end web interfaces.

    Both teams will report to their direct management and the communication between both teams will be done via the Team leader (ICONS Project Manager) & (Client Project Manager).

  • Quality Monitoring:
  • ICONS team will use its own quality management system and of course, production of the various outcomes expected should be within the approved Quality standards.

  • Monitoring of Elapsed Time:
  • ICONS project manager will perform this. The project manager will provide bi-weekly time analysis in a status report to be issued to other management personnel.

  • Monitoring of Risks:
  • It is up to the project managers to monitor risks and report them in their bi-weekly report for corrective actions to be taken.

  • Reporting:
  • The project managers will submit bi-weekly reports to other project stake-holders. For ICONS, the bi-weekly shall be the main formal reporting requirement. Daily communication via phones/emails shall provide means for communication for day-to-day project management.

  • Deliverable Documentation Procedure:
  • Based on the agreement that will be conducted between Client and ICONS, all deliverables (based on ICONS Project Plan) will be sent as original copy to Client project manager. Due to time constraints, the acceptance of the deliverable should not take more than two days, any delay in the deliverables acceptance will affect the startup date of next tasks in the project plan.

  • Configuration Management:
  • All documents produced shall have versioning information including number and date. Formal e-mail messages shall also have a reference number; to indicate location/date origin.


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